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Alumni News | Jean Arnold (PhD, English '97) releases new book

  • By cgusah
  • On Tuesday, april 30, 2019

Jean Arnold (PhD, English '97) recently released her new book, George Eliot: Interdisciplinary Essays, A bicentennial collection edited by Jean Arnold and Lila Marz Harper, it holds 13 original essays, introduction, index, and a comprehensive bibliography.

For more information and to purchase: 

Palgrave Macmillan:  

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Jean began her years at Claremont Graduate University working in the English Department before becoming a graduate student, finally receiving a Ph.D. in English in 1997.  Among the excellent professors who taught there, she most remembers those who taught in her major field, nineteenth-century British literature: Richard Fadem (from Scripps) and her dissertation advisor, Marc Redfield.

Around the end of her time in graduate studies, the English Department became a part of the newly integrated School of Arts and Humanities (SAH), and Claremont Graduate School became Claremont Graduate University. The new names seemed to fit the revised mission of the school and its increased importance in many fields of graduate education.

Jean taught at the college level (primarily California State University and Harvey Mudd College) for a number of years, and is now retired.  Her two publications are Victorian Jewelry, Identity, and the Novel: Prisms of Culture (Ashgate 2011) and George Eliot: Interdisciplinary Essays, edited by Jean Arnold and Lila Marz Harper (Palgrave Macmillan and Springer International, 2019).  Both editors contributed essays to this bicentennial commemorative volume.


Alumni News | Daniel Lanza Rivers (PhD, Cultural Studies and English '16)

  • By cgusah
  • On Tuesday, march 05, 2019

Daniel Lanza Rivers (PhD, Cultural Studies and English '16) was recently offered an Assistant Professor position at San Jose State University. The position is Assistant Professor of American Studies and Literature, with the option to serve as Director of the Martha Cox Steinbeck Center. As part of the position, Daniel will have teaching duties in American Studies, English, Humanities, and environmental studies.

"Thank you again for all of your [Professor Wendy Martin] mentorship and support over the past 8 years. My academic journey would have been greatly diminished if we hadn't had the chance to think together and work together.

Thank you again for helping me make this opportunity possible. I could not be happier or more excited about where I chose to do my doctoral studies, or where I am ending up."

- Daniel Lanza Rivers


Religion alumna, Jacqueline Hidalgo, publishes first book

Jacqueline Hidalgo, Associate Professor of Latina/o Studies and Religion at Williams College, has published her first book, Revelation in Aztlán: Scriptures, Utopias, and the Chicano Movement. Jacqueline graduated from the Religion PhD program at CGU in 2010.  Her areas of expertise are: U.S. Latina/o Religions, Religion and Culture, Scriptures and Communities, Utopias and Utopianism, Gender, Sexuality, and Religion, and Apocalypticism.

English PhD alum, Lina Geriguis, wins the Edith Wharton Society Prize for a Begining Scholar

Congratulations to English PhD alum, Lina Geriguis, who has won the Edith Wharton Society Prize for a Beginning Scholar for her essay, "'Rich in Pathological Instances:' Disability in the Early Reception Theory of /Ethan Frome/"! Lina first began her research on the writings of Edith Wharton as a student at CGU, and she is currently a lecturer Chapman University.  Find out more about Lina on the Featured Alumni page.

New LinkedIn Group for SAH Students and Alumni

The School of Arts & Humanities now has a LinkedIn group, which students and alumni are invited to join.  In this group, you will be able to:

•         CONNECT with fellow students and alumni
•         LEARN about job announcements and CGU events and news
•         SHARE news, insights, and questions

To join the group, please visit:

AWS alum is new Dean of Students at Vassar College

Adriana Karapetian di Bartolo, alumna of the Applied Women's Studies MA and Education PhD programs has been appointed Dean of Students at Vassar.  Adriana will leave her position as the founding director of the 7C Queer Resource Center of the Claremont Colleges.

Wendy Martin and Sharone Williams Publish New Book

Congratulations to Professor Wendy Martin and English PhD alumna, Sharone Williams, on the publication of their new book, The Routledge Introduction to American Women Writers!

American women writers cover

Religion alum and Claremont Coptic Encyclopedia Managing Editor publish articles on Coptic Studies

Religion alumnus, Donald Westbrook, and Managing Editor of the Claremont Coptic Encyclopedia, S. Michael Saad have collaborated on three Coptology publications and three conference papers (including a presentation at the Annual AAR Meeting in San Diego in 2014) in the fields of Coptic Studies and Diaspora Studies. The three publications are included below, which we invite you to preview and make use of in your own research and work:

1.      D.A. Westbrook and S.M. Saad, “Religious Identity and Borderless Territoriality in the Coptic e-Diaspora,” Journal of International Migration and Integration (Springer, published online 10 February 2016).

The copyrighted article (11 pages) is available from Springer at:

Press the “Look Inside” button to read the first two pages for free. Likewise for the References.

2.      S.M. Saad and D.A. Westbrook, “Copts, Scripturalization, and Identity in the Diaspora,” in V.L. Wimbush, ed., Scripturalizing the Human: The Written as the Political (New York: Routledge: 2015), pp. 221-240.

3.      S.M. Saad, N.S. Riegels, and D.A. Westbrook, “Traditions of Selecting Coptic Patriarchs Over Two Millennia,” Journal of Coptic Studies, Volume 16 (2014), pp. 139-153.

You will find the abstracts of the above and other publications by S. M. Saad and D.A. Westbrook posted at links below.

Thank you for your support of Coptic Studies around the world—from Claremont to Cairo!


English Alum, Jolene Zigarovich's, book nominated for Allan Lloyd Smith prize

CGU English alum, Jolene Zigarovich, has had a book nominated for one of the Allan Lloyd Smith book prizes.  Her edited collection is entitled, Sex and Death in Eighteenth-Century Literature (Routledge, 2013).  Jolene is currently Assistant Professor of English at the University of Northern Iowa. 


Religion Alum, Jonathan Reed, Named New Provost at University of La Verne

"Reed came to La Verne in 1992 as an assistant professor of religion and earned his doctorate in religion from Claremont Graduate University two years later. He chaired La Verne's Department of Religion & Philosophy twice before becoming interim dean of the College of Arts & Sciences in 2009, a position that became permanent for him in 2012. He began serving as interim provost following the departure of former Provost Greg Dewey in 2013."

Art Department Alum, Roni Feldman, Publishes New Illustrated Novel

2008 CGU Art alum, Roni Feldman just released a new illustrated novel, The Creator's Eye.  You can get a signed copy at the Mandrake Bar book release party this Sunday 12/7 at 7:00, or pick one up on Amazon.  The first chapter is also free to download on my website

Feldman book

English Alum, Deke Parsons, Publishes Dissertation

2013 CGU English alum, Deke Parsons, has published his dissertation with McFarland Publishing.  The title of his book is J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert E. Howard and the Birth of Modern Fantasy.

Congratulations, Deke!