Religion alum and Claremont Coptic Encyclopedia Managing Editor publish articles on Coptic Studies

Religion alumnus, Donald Westbrook, and Managing Editor of the Claremont Coptic Encyclopedia, S. Michael Saad have collaborated on three Coptology publications and three conference papers (including a presentation at the Annual AAR Meeting in San Diego in 2014) in the fields of Coptic Studies and Diaspora Studies. The three publications are included below, which we invite you to preview and make use of in your own research and work:

1.      D.A. Westbrook and S.M. Saad, “Religious Identity and Borderless Territoriality in the Coptic e-Diaspora,” Journal of International Migration and Integration (Springer, published online 10 February 2016).

The copyrighted article (11 pages) is available from Springer at:

Press the “Look Inside” button to read the first two pages for free. Likewise for the References.

2.      S.M. Saad and D.A. Westbrook, “Copts, Scripturalization, and Identity in the Diaspora,” in V.L. Wimbush, ed., Scripturalizing the Human: The Written as the Political (New York: Routledge: 2015), pp. 221-240.

3.      S.M. Saad, N.S. Riegels, and D.A. Westbrook, “Traditions of Selecting Coptic Patriarchs Over Two Millennia,” Journal of Coptic Studies, Volume 16 (2014), pp. 139-153.

You will find the abstracts of the above and other publications by S. M. Saad and D.A. Westbrook posted at links below.

Thank you for your support of Coptic Studies around the world—from Claremont to Cairo!