Bradshaw Conference - Los Angeles: Apex of Arts and Cultural Innovation

Some of the most interesting innovations in the arts and culture sectors in the world are happening in Los Angeles right now. They're happening in the organizations where you work, study, or visit. Why is Los Angeles such an incubator of innovation? Is what is happening in Los Angeles happening elsewhere?

To find out where innovation comes from and where it might be appearing next, Claremont Graduate University, the School of Arts and Humanities, with generous funding from the Thornton F. Bradshaw Programs and Endowment Fund, will host a one day conference, Los Angeles: Apex of Arts and Cultural Innovation, on Saturday, March 28, 2015.

This conference is also designed to celebrate the first decade of the Arts Management and Museum Studies programs at CGU. As a result, we encourage MA in Arts Management and Museum Studies students, alumni, and faculty at CGU to submit session proposals and participate in this celebration. While sessions should be organized by those affiliated with CGU, including the Getty Leadership Institute and Sotheby's Institute of Art, we encourage participants in sessions from the broader field as well.

The conference committee encourages sessions to take a number of different presentation forms, including pecha kucha, thirty minute, or one hour sessions that:
•    Reflect innovation and cutting edge models and/or projects in the arts sector in Los Angeles.
•    Stimulate, provoke discussion and illuminate how Los Angeles arts and cultural organizations are innovating in the field, transforming theory into practice.
•    Present evidence and/or results supported by research.
•    Are of interest to new, mid-career, and seasoned professionals.

Deadline for submission: MONDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2015

Click here to submit a proposal

If you'd like to run a session proposal by us in advance of submission, please contact us. Looking forward to your exciting ideas!

Joshua Goode
Associate Professor of History and Cultural Studies
Director, Museum Studies Concentration
909 607-7430

Laura Zucker
Director, Master in Arts Management
213 202-5858