New Forums Press Seeking Chapter Length Submissions for Book, Through the Eyes of Warriors

Call for Proposals

The editors of Through the Eyes of Warriors: Studies of American Military Veterans, published by New Forums Press in Stillwater, Oklahoma, are pleased to announce they are seeking chapter-length submissions examining the experiences of U.S. Military combat veterans. The Through the Eyes of Warriors book series focuses primarily on the experiences of war veterans and contextualizes their experiences within American history of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The series seeks to understand the complex social history of war. The scholarship will emphasize the lasting impacts of war upon individuals, while addressing the wider implications of war upon American society. The editorial review board encourages original and innovative scholarship, through analysis of primary and secondary source materials, within the broader historiography of the topic. To emphasize the experiences and personal sacrifices of the American combat veterans, we encourage scholarship within the realm of oral history, memoir, autobiography, and biography while complementing the primary sources with interdisciplinary research including: historiography; sociological and psychological research; race and gender studies; international relations; trauma theory.

Accepted proposals will be compiled and published by New Forums Press at an unspecified date. Proposal will be peer-reviewed by graduate students in the field.

Through the Eyes of Warriors seeks submissions addressing the following topics:

●    Combat narratives, counter-insurgency, guerilla warfare, and anti-terrorism
●    Tales of personal sacrifice, camaraderie, valor, perseverance of  the human spirit
●    Disability, PTSD, mTBI, Combat Stress, physical illness due to military service
●    Survivor Guilt, grief, depression, alcoholism, substance abuse, and suicide
●    Ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic factors in military life
●    Life after war, social reintegration, and family life
●    Employment and Education
●    Memorialization

The editors encourage work concerning American Military involvement in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, including, but not limited to the following:

•    The Second World War: The Pacific and China-Burma-India Theatres
•    Korean War
•    The Second Indo-China War (Vietnam)
•    The Gulf War
•    The War in Iraq
•    The War in Afghanistan

Please email submissions to and include a 300 word abstract and copy of CV. Submissions will be reviewed on a rolling deadline; however, we encourage scholars to submit before 1 June 2015.  For more information please contact either Book Series Editor, Jason A. Higgins, at or Gen. Douglas Dollar at