Curator of 19th and 20th Century Mormon and Western Americana Books at BYU

Curator of 19th and 20th Century Mormon and Western Americana Books DESCRIPTION/ENVIRONMENT Brigham Young University (BYU) is a privately owned and operated university of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints located in Provo, Utah.

This is a continuing faculty status track (BYU equivalent of tenure) position. BYU, an equal opportunity employer, requires all faculty to observe the university's honor code and dress and grooming standards. Preference is given to qualified candidates who are members in good standing of the affiliated church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Harold B. Lee Library, an ARL Library, serves nearly 33,000 students as well as 2,000 full- and part-time faculty. The library employs 66 faculty, 101 FTE staff and professionals, and approximately 200 FTE students. An average of 10,000 patrons per day use the library's services and collections of over nine million items.

The mission of this position is to document the history and culture of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its members, from 1830 to 2000, by identifying, appraising, acquiring, preserving, and providing access to published materials of enduring historical value, paying special attention to the 1930 to 2000 period of time.

The person in this position will also do the same for the history of Utah and for the history of the Western United States insofar as the Mormon experience touches the West.


  *   Master's degree in Library Science from an ALA accredited institution with two years curatorial experience.  Individuals with related education or work experience and who are committed to completing the MLS within a 2 ? year  period of time may be considered.
  *   Master's or PhD degree in History, preferred
  *   A demonstrated knowledge in Western U.S., Utah, and Mormon History
  *   Up-to-date knowledge of current Utah, Western, and Mormon publishing
  *   Experience with online library utilities
  *   Experience with the Mormon and Western rare books markets (or trade)
  *   Understanding of issues related to the evaluation of rare books
  *   Understanding of appropriate preservation practices for rare books
  *   Familiarity with best practices for cataloging rare material (or books)
  *   Knowledge of search strategies for online products related to these fields
  *   Demonstrated potential for leadership
  *   Ability and desire to interact with students and faculty
  *   Excellent analytical and problem solving skill
  *   Excellent communication skills, both oral and written
  *   Excellent interpersonal skills including the ability to work collaboratively with students, faculty, and colleagues
  *   Ability to teach and participate in outreach programs such as class lectures, exhibits, presentations, and conferences
  *   Willingness to serve on departmental, library, and university committees
  *   Flexibility in adapting to changing departmental and organizational priorities and to ever-changing technological environments
  *   Ability to contribute to the profession through participation in professional organizations and involvement in research

University Citizenship

  *   Exemplifies honor and integrity; adheres to the standards of personal behavior outlined in the BYU Code of Honor
  *   Supports the Library and University mission, goals, and objectives
  *   Observes Library and University policies
  *   Promotes collegiality and harmony
  *   Mentors, encourages, advises, and collaborates with colleagues
  *   Serves on Library, University, and consortia committees that go beyond assigned responsibilities
  *   Attends department, Library, and University meetings, including devotionals, forums, and convocations
  *   Serves the scholarly/professional community through activities such as:
     *   Holding office or performing committee service in relevant associations; or
     *   Organizing professional meetings and/or panels; or
     *   Serving as a referee of scholarship; or
     *   Editing newsletters or journals; serving on editorial boards; or
     *   Consulting; or
     *   Teaching in academic departments

Librarianship: Professional Assignment
Demonstrates effectiveness in specified professional responsibilities within:

  *   Collection Development/Collection Management
     *   Represent the university in acquiring collections through accession, donation, or purchase
     *   Negotiate and sign contracts that require the investment of university resources
     *   Establish and maintain good relationships with past, present, and prospective donors
     *   Travel, as necessary, on department business
     *   Create and maintain collection development policies for the Mormon and Western Americana collecting area
     *   Appraise materials to determine their relevance to the Mormon and Western Americana collecting area
     *   Create and maintain donor files containing notes, acquisition records, correspondence, and contracts
  *   Conservation/Preservation
     *   Ensure that materials are appropriately housed and stored to ensure their long-term preservation
  *   Faculty Liaison/Promotion
     *   Work with faculty members to help them understand how to use the materials held in the Mormon and Western Americana collecting area as part of their teaching
  *   Instruction/Information Literacy
     *   Prepare and present class presentations on Special Collections as requested
     *   In collaboration with university faculty, develop and present physical and virtual exhibits drawn from collections in the Mormon and Western Americana collecting area
  *   Reference/Research Support
     *   Respond promptly and efficiently to information requests from students, faculty, staff, the administration, and other researchers
     *   Develop and maintain expertise in the Mormon and Western Americana collections
  *   Technology/Digital Projects
     *   Select appropriate materials from the Mormon and Western Americana collecting area for digitization
     *   Employ emerging technologies as appropriate in the accomplishment of responsibilities attendant to the position
  *   Sets and accomplishes relevant goals within specified professional assignments
  *   Participates in committees that are a direct outgrowth of assigned professional responsibilities, including the L. Tom Perry Special Collections Board of Curators
  *   Achieves appropriate quantity and quality of work in assigned professional responsibilities
  *   Uses sound judgment in decision-making
  *   Manages personnel and resources effectively

Librarianship: Professional Development

*         Stays abreast of issues and trends in librarianship, Mormon, Utah, and Western history

*         Stays abreast of scholarship in librarianship; Mormon, Utah, and Western history; and other appropriate subject areas of expertise

*         Takes courses to enhance professional assignment and/or career opportunities

*         Studies professional literature

*         Attends appropriate conferences and workshops

*         Participates in appropriate professional associations

Librarianship: Creative Work

*         Collaborates with other faculty in appropriate research endeavors

*         Presents research or innovative/unique information in the field(s) of librarianship, Mormon, Utah, and Western history

*         Publishes significant and original contributions relevant to librarianship, Mormon, Utah, and Western history

*         Curates exhibits that highlight library materials with a unified theme and context, providing significant educational opportunities for the campus community

*         Performs other approved scholarship/creative works

Complete an online faculty application, (Curator of 19th & 20th Century Mormon and Western Americana Books) attach a cover letter and current CV.  Anticipated job availability is March 2015. Review of applications will begin October 15, 2014