Employment | Summer Writing Workshop

Summer Employment Opportunities

The Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY) is seeking strong applicants for instructional positions in its summer writing workshops for pre-collegiate students. Details of our instructor and instructional assistant positions are below. Information about other positions, including administrative roles, is available online. Our instructor positions are competitive, so we do encourage applicants to explore our Academic Dean and Academic Dean’s Assistant roles.

Teaching Critical and Creative Writing

CTY offers academically rigorous programs for advanced learners in elementary, middle, and high school. We seek highly motivated and well-qualified candidates to lead our writing workshop courses.

Our instructional staff

  • Lead small classes of 12-15 bright students
  • Enjoy many opportunities for professional development
  • Earn competitive salaries, plus room and board at residential sites


Instructors design curriculum and teach a three week course at a day or residential site


Teaching Assistants support classroom instruction at residential sites


Program Assistants support classroom instruction and facilitate the activities program at day sites


Strong candidates

  • Have significant independent teaching experience.
  • Are active writers.
  • Hold advanced degrees in creative writing, composition and rhetoric, or literature.
  • Earn $2400-3000 per session based upon education and experience.
  • Receive room and board on campus at residential sites.

Strong candidates

  • Have advanced undergraduate or graduate coursework in creative writing, composition and rhetoric, or literature
  • Are active writers.
  • Have worked successfully with young people.
  • Earn $1200 per session plus room and board on campus.



Strong candidates

  • Have worked successfully with young children.
  • Are active writers.
  • Have strong academic records.
  • Live near day sites.
  • Earn $1200 per session.





Our residential sites are located in California, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Washington, and Hong Kong.


Our day sites for grades 2-6 are located in the Baltimore and Washington DC areas; New York City; Los Angeles, San Diego and San Mateo, California; and Hong Kong.

When? Session 1: June 24–July 13; Session 2: July 15–August 3

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