Volume 16 of the Journal of Coptic Studies is now available

I am happy to announce that volume 16 of the Journal of Coptic Studies (2105) has just appeared. It is full of great research papers including the article "Traditions of Selecting Coptic Patriarchs over Two Millennia" (pp. 139-53), coauthored by myself, Dr. Nardine Riegels, and Dr. Donald Westbrook (CGU, PhD 2015).

Abstract (and two pages) can be read, and PDF and hard copies (of our article and the whole issue) can be purchased directly from the publisher (Peeters), which also has details on ordering for individuals and institutions:
If your library does not already have an institutional subscription to the Journal of Coptic Studies, I strongly urge you to recommend that they obtain one, so that more students and researchers can benefit from first-rate Coptology scholarship.
Preliminary findings of our study on Selecting Coptic Patriarchs were published earlier (2001):
Since then, further research and newer publications have broadened and improved the historical-statistical analysis, and expanded and refined the conclusions. There are still many gaps to be filled, but these require new discoveries and dedicated search in unpublished manuscripts.

S. Michael Saad
Chair, Council for Coptic Studies, CGU
Managing Editor, Claremont Coptic Encyclopedia