Award | Spanier-Ladwig German Proficiency Award

New deadline: March 9th


The newly-instituted Spanier-Ladwig Fund offers "grants-in-aid" for expenses related to completing a dissertation/thesis in areas that require the proficient use of the German Language. Possible areas of research include, but are not restricted to, the German language, German literature and thought, German and Central European history, the history of German-speaking institutions and communities, or for research-related travel to places in which German is spoken as the predominant language.

The amount to be awarded is $1,000.

NEW DEADLINE: Proposals due by Friday, March 9th

Currently enrolled students in the School of Arts and Humanities may apply by submitting the following to Susan Hampson:

  • A 1-2 page description of the dissertation/thesis project, with specific attention paid to what aspect of the project requires funding
  • A CV
  • A brief, confidential letter of support from the advisor, to be submitted separately (emailed letters are admissible)

Please note that applicants must agree to allow CGU and the School of Arts & Humanities to share/publicize information regarding the award recipient, project, and amount.