Introducing The Power of She: A Feminist Resource Network at CGU

"The Power of She: A Feminist Resource Network"

First meeting: Friday, October 17,  12:00-1:00pm - Lunch and Beverages (wink) will be provided!
Location: School of Arts and Humanities Building (SAH), 831 North Dartmouth Avenue, Claremont, CA  91711 (behind the book store and to the left of Honnold Library)
SAH phone number: (909) 621-8612
Meeting space: IAC room (walk in the front of the building, and the room is directly straight ahead of the entrance room)
What to bring: A smile and an unsure friend (she or he will thank you later).  Yes, boys ARE welcome to come!
Optional: news or magazine articles, books, papers, and/or anything you've read, seen, or watched that you would like to discuss or share within the safe space

If you can't come to the first meeting, but still want to know about future meetings, events, activities, and cool happenings, email: CGU.THEPOWEROFSHE@GMAIL.COM

Mission Statement:
We come together as a united organization to celebrate and reclaim our feminine power through activism and through a uniquely formed sisterhood bond.  Through "The Power of She," we aim to:

o    Encourage students to embrace feminist scholarship and a critical lens in their respective disciplines and in daily life
o    Create a safe and sacred space to share stories, journals, school papers, and to engage in discussions and/or debates about modern day feminist and womanist issues
o    Open ourselves to various spiritualities through specialized workshops and well-known guest speakers
o    Secure a network of diverse feminist scholars, professionals and community members to promote widespread collaboration and the exchange of ideas, opportunities, and resources

Here is the website for the official CGU club: "The Power of She: A Feminist Resource Network"

We also have a Facebook page with updated posts, events, schedules, time changes, etc.