Spaces available in course: "Zoroastrian Cosmology, Eschatology, Ethics and Ritual"

REL 324: Zoroastrian Cosmology, Eschatology, Ethics and Ritual
Instructor: Jenny Rose, Ph.D.
Thursdays 9 – 11:50am

This illuminating seminar involves the study of:

•    The development of cosmology and eschatology in one of the world’s oldest religions.
•    The textual expressions and practical applications of the trifold Zoroastrian ethic of “Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds” throughout the history of religion.
•    The form and function of Zoroastrian ritual.
•    The relationship of these aspects of the Zoroastrian religion to neighboring religions, in Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity Manichaeism, and Islam.
•    The European fascination with things Zoroastrian.
•    A seasonal ceremony demonstrated by local Zoroastrians.