Claremont Heritage 2015-16 Internships

Claremont Heritage Internship Project Descriptions and Intent

Unpaid Internships 2015/16

Modern Architectural Survey

Claremont Heritage seeks a student intern to help with updating our local Register of Structures of Historic and Architectural Merit (the number of hours per week to be determined).  The intern will assist the organization in its current initiative to survey modernist architecture in Claremont by filling out California State Survey Form DPR 523A.  The Claremont Heritage Archivist will supervise the intern.  In addition to other duties, the intern will:

•    Develop a basic knowledge of Claremont history, especially post-World-War II;
•    Develop a working vocabulary for describing the aesthetics of modernism;
•    Research local architecture through archival and city sources;
•    Conduct interviews with property owners;
•    Participate in surveying Claremont neighborhoods and architecture;
•    Input information, images and GIS coordinates into California State Survey Form DPR 523A.

History Database Digitization Project

Work with Claremont Heritage in the digitization of our physical archive as well as updating our historic resources inventory database. Currently, Claremont Heritage’s inventory is primarily paper based. These documents are public record and are available to property owners, realtors, assessors, historians, architectural historians, genealogists, students, and other interested parties.  The information is limited to physical onsite presence during Heritage’s open office hours in order to do research. The inventory is also a valuable tool for preservation planning for the future of historic resources within the City of Claremont. Historic properties that are listed in the local register receive additional levels of review and demolition delay. The use of the data contained in these forms for analyzing architectural trends, materials, and architect or builder designs is very limited. Creation of a digital database will allow for increased efficiency of Heritage to respond to research requests, to requests from the City, and to help plan for future inventory and survey needs of the community.

Assistance with organization of archival materials and items in Claremont Heritage’s collection will include working to digitize historic photographs and assisting with organization of materials not yet catalogued.  Images and data will be entered into a database system currently used by Claremont Colleges Digital Library and will be uploaded on a periodic basis.

Historic Archival/Research Duties as Assigned

Assist with research requests and organizing archival materials to provide greater public access to Claremont Heritage’s collections. Collections include historic photographs of properties, people, the colleges, oral histories, and historic neighborhoods. Research requests will require archival research to uncover any information Heritage may have regarding specific properties within the community and reporting on the research findings. Intern will work with the archivist for Claremont Heritage to assist her with additional duties as assigned.

Oral History Organization and Documentation

Assist with organizing and cataloguing existing oral histories conducted by Claremont Heritage in the past.  Duties could include transcription of tape recordings and transfer of audiotapes to digital format.  Students can also be part of actual interviews such developing interview questions, conducting interviews, filming and sound recording.

Claremont Heritage is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the history of Claremont and educating Claremont’s citizens about that history.  The Claremont Heritage office is located in the historic Garner House in Memorial Park, 840 N. Indian Hill Boulevard, Claremont.

All internships will be carried out at Claremont Heritage Office – 840 N. Indian Hill Blvd, Claremont, CA 91711 (909) 621 0848


For more information, please contact Erma Cross, Internship Coordinator,



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