Internship | Graduate internship with Queer Culture & Resource Center at CSUDH

Graduate Intern for Queer Culture & Resource Center
Part-time | Aug 2019-May 2020 | Carson, Ca

Applications will be accepted until positions are filled.
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The Queer Culture and Resource Center of California State University Dominguez Hills is looking for 2 graduate students for their practicum or internships who are passionate about fostering the development of a strong LGBTQ community and awareness at a college campus.

This program provides students with an opportunity to develop firsthand knowledge of the student affairs profession in the field of multicultural affairs. The specific higher level roles of the student will be negotiated based upon the academic and professional goals and abilities of the applicants. Majority of the work will however include the following:

Student engagement:
With daily drop ins provide one on one and group mentorship and engagement with students
Will be assigned 3-5 student mentees to provide extra focus and support to
Work with staff to develop your skills abilities and resources to support your work with these students
Provide feedback and input into how to address the unique needs of dh trans and queer students

Program support and development:

First semester: Provide organization and outreach to help build the infrastructure of identity and resource need based groups (ex. Queer parents, LGBTQ Vets, Trans youth, etc)
Second semester: Lead or co-lead a group around an identity related to your own experiences and identities that students are looking for (ex. black and brown questioning men, Queer islanders, QChicanx, twospirit etc.)
Both semesters: Support events and larger program initiatives that support these groups visibility, growth, and resources

Research and assessment
Work with staff to research, analyze, and create reports that are transparent and accessible to the general population of staff students and faculty about the state of the queer experience at dh.
Research regional and nationwide policies, programs, and practices that could support the advancement of programs and policies that advance the wellbeing of queer people at dh.

Opportunities to teach workshops, co-facilitate larger programs, do class visits, do community outreach programs, fundraising, grant writing, and partner with organizations throughout the region can also exist and be mentored and supported depending on the students interests.

Hours are negotiable based upon your program and credit expectations.
The % of what roles you will play depend on the emergent needs of the year and your strengths and the distribution of work across the team.
We are happy to accept students of all backgrounds and highly encourage Trans Queer and Questioning People of Color and/or those with deep personal connections to our communities to apply.

How to apply:
Email a resume and cover letter including work, volunteer experience, community organizing, activism, and community involvement that you feel provides you with the ability to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for a predominantly trans and queer people of color community in the Queer Culture and Resource Center. Tell us in part why you a.) believe queer space is important at a university and b.) how this space will support your development and goals be they professional, personal, and or academic. Do not send a google doc or dropbox link, please provide an attachment. You can use a preferred name on all materials and ask you include pronouns for us to appropriately refer to you throughout the recruitment process.
We will accept applicants until positions are filled. These positions opened May 16th 2019 and are for the academic year of 2019-2020.
You can learn more about the Queer Culture and Resource Center by checking us out on Instagram at @csudhqueer, checking out our website , and by reaching out to the coordinator at

Queer Culture and Resource Center
California State university
1000 East Victoria Street, LSU 215
Carson, CA 90747
Instagram: @csudhqueer