Student Council of the Arts & Humanities

New Officers of the Student Council of the Arts & Humanities (SCAH)

Congratulations to the new officers of the Student Council of the Arts & Humanities!

President – Julianna Kirschner (Cultural Studies PhD)
Vice-President – Francesca Gacho (English PhD)
Secretary – Alyssa Krueger (English PhD)
Treasurer – Kristen Brownell (English PhD)
Historian – Kerri Dean (History PhD)


Town Hall Meeting Notes

Notes from the School of Arts & Humanities Forum with Dean Schneider

  • The History department is conducting a search for a 19-20th Century American History Professor.
  • Already there are more than 70 applications!
  • The deadline for the application is October 10th.
  • Job Talks are estimated to begin in December, with the new professor in place by July 2015.Everyone should come for the job talks! They are a great way to gain experience with the academic hiring process and a way for students to voice their opinions about their future professor.


  • The department is going through a Program Review, which is mandated by WASC.
  • The faculty have completed a self study which will be evaluated by the external review team during their visit.
  • A summery of the self study will be made available to students.
  • The Program Review team has invited students to come share their experiences with the team. There will be two sessions for students to attend on October 9th.
  • For more information about the sessions see the attached flier.

Critical Comparative Scriptures

  • Professor Wimbush will be leaving CGU in December 2014.
  • Plans for the position and the program will be explored during the Religion's Program Review.

Please email us with any comments or questions!

Student Council of Arts & Humanities