6 SAH Students Awarded Dissertation Grants

Congratulations to all the SAH students who received CGU Doctoral Dissertation Awards!

Anthony Blacksher, School of Arts & Humanities (SAH)
Life After Def: Representing Black Performative Culture in Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry Jam

*Steven Hulbert, SAH
From Humors and Vapors to Words and Naming: Naturalizing Madness and Melancholy in Seventeenth-Century Conceptions of the Mind-Body

*Kimball Jensen, SAH
Race in the Digital Video Age: Asian American YouTube User Generated Content

*Daniel Lanza,SAH
California/Love: Landscape, Utopia, and Desire in the Regional Imagination

Lara Schubert, SAH
Empowerment Built on Restraint Rather than Freedom: How Cambodian Women Religious Complicate NGO Discourse on the Women’s Rule (chbap srey)

Christopher Smith, SAH
Playing Lamanite: Mormon Radicalism and Racial Masquerade in the Era of Indian Removal