Alumni Panel on the Book Writing and Publishing Process

Arts & Humanities Alumni Panel on
the Book Writing & Publishing Process
Thursday, April 28th @ 4pm
Board of Trustees Room, Harper Hall
Refreshments will be served
Sponsored by the School of Arts & Humanities and the Office of Alumni Engagement

Popkin ruth

Ruth Popkin received a PhD in Cultural Studies from CGU in 2010.  She is an immigration attorney and is a founder of Popkin, Shamir & Golan law firm.  Active in Jewish and Israeli affairs, she is a member of the board of directors of the Museum of the Jewish Diaspora (Beit Hatfutsot), in Tel Aviv, Israel, which is the Museum of the Jewish People where her family established a foundation for documentation of Polish Jewry. Ruth's third book, Jewish Identity - The Challenge of Peoplehood Today published in 2015 by Geffen Publishing analyzes the tumultuous and extreme changes in Jewish identity in the 20th century.


Ruffin herb

Herb Ruffin received a PhD in History from CGU in 2007.  He is now Associate Professor of African American Studies at Syracuse University.   His research examines the African American experiences in Silicon Valley (California), San Antonio (Texas), and in particular, the process of Black suburbanization in the American West from 1945-2010.  Professor Ruffin’s book Uninvited Neighbors: African Americans in Silicon Valley, 1769-1990 was published by the Oklahoma University Press in 2014.


Annalisa Zox-Weaver received a MA in English from CGU and went on to the PhD program at USC.  She a is freelance writer and an editor for several university presses. Her recent articles include “Gertrude Stein Facing Both Ways” in Women, Femininity, and Public Space in European Visual Culture, 1789–1914, Ashgate, 2015; “Adrienne Rich: Poetry of Witness,” co-written with Wendy Martin for The Cambridge Companion to American Poetry (2015). She published a monograph entitled Women Modernists and Fascism: Female Modernists and the Allure of the Dictator for Cambridge UP in 2011; she is currently co-writing Understanding Sylvia Plath with Wendy Martin (South Carolina UP) and co-editing the Oxford Concise Companion to American Literature, also with Wendy Martin.

Board of Trustees Room, Harper Hall