Biomythography: Currency Exchange (Art Exhibit)

Opening Reception: Tuesday, August 30th 6 - 9 pm

Gallery Hours: Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm

Biomythography: Currency Exchange is the third in a series of exhibitions curated by Chris Christion and Jessica Wimbley that investigate biomythography as an interdisciplinary visual arts practice.  Biomythography: Currency Exchange examines multiple forms of currency, in particular, cultural currency and the ways in which they are encoded and decoded in our contemporary culture.

Featured Artists:

Guillermo Bert

Audrey Chan

Christian Salablanca Diaz

Mimian Hsu

Chuck Fessago

Albert Lopez Jr.

Elisa Bergel Melo

Kimberly Morris

Marton Robinson

Javier Esteban Calvo Sandi

Glen Wilson


CGU Art Department 251 East 10th St., 91711 Claremont CA