Conference | Faith, Hope, and Love Today: Challenges and Opportunities

Supported by the Margaret Jagels Fund for Catholic Studies
Conference Chair: Anselm K. Min

Faith in God, hope in God, and love of God, often called “theological virtues,” constitute the heart of the Christian faith. History shows that different ages pose different challenges to these virtues. There is a widespread feeling today that globalization, secularization, social injustice, religious pluralism, and cultural nihilism pose radical challenges to faith, hope, and love. The conference seeks to respond to two questions:

(1) What are the distinctive challenges—and opportunities—to faith, hope, and love today?

(2) How can we (re)conceptualize faith, hope, and love and their relationship to meet those challenges?

For the full schedule, please see the conference webpage:

Faith hope love 2016Conference Programfaith-hope-love-2016.pdf (442.22 KB)

Friday-Albrecht Auditorium; Saturday-Hampton Roo