Conversation with Pakistani Social Justice Activist

Jibran Nasir emerged as a leading civil society voice against sectarian violence and religious intolerance after the December 2014 schoolchildren massacre in Pakistan. His social movement “Reclaim your Mosques” has participants and supporters on social media around the world and is seen as a ray of hope among young people in the country. He has organized protests throughout Pakistan. He is incredibly courageous, eloquent and determined.
He is going to be speaking at Pomona on Tuesday May 12th 7 pm Hahn 101. He is available to meet and talk in the morning, at lunch or early afternoon. He is being interviewed by the LA Times before the talk. We expect a fair number of local community members to attend.
“We are not a nation of Taliban apologists.”
A Talk by Pakistani Human Rights Activist Muhammad Jibran Nasir
Lawyer and independent politician featured in Foreign Policy Magazine for his work against sectarian violence and religious intolerance

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