Guest Lecture | Nahum Chandler

Join us for a lecture on Wed., March 1 at 4:15pm in the Board of Trustees’ Room (Harper Hall)!


A Claremont Graduate University lecture 

in the Bradshaw Transnational and Transdisciplinary Cultural Studies Lecture Series by

Nahum Chandler

Professor, Department of African American Studies & Comparative Literature at UC Irvine

Prof. Chandler will deliver a lecture entitled “Paraontology,” on the possibility of a “theoretical politics” in a Du Boisian vein.

Attendees are encouraged to read three texts prior to the lecture: Essay 1essay-1.pdf (403.71 KB)Essay 2essay-2.pdf (330.25 KB)Essay 3essay-3.pdf (402.45 KB)


Paraontology fin



Board of Trustee's Room