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Please join us for this semester’s meeting of the CGU History Consortium on 19 November 2015.  Shawn Schwaller will be presenting a chapter from his dissertation entitled Race, Gender, and the Birth of Tiki Restaurants and Cocktail Lounges: Selling the South Pacific through Food and Drink in Midcentury Metropolitan Los Angeles.  His chapter is attached to this email.  The meeting is designed as a workshop to provide the writer with comments, critiques and suggestions.  Please read Shawn’s chapter in advance of the meeting.

The consortium will begin at 4:15pm in the IAC Library (831 N. Dartmouth Ave).   Refreshments will be served.  

If you have any questions or are interested in presenting to the spring meeting of the Consortium, please contact Prof. Joshua Goode, Joshua.goode@cgu.edu. All CGU history students, faculty and 5C faculty are welcome to present their work.

Race gender and the birth of tiki restaurants and cocktail loungesrace-gender-and-the-birth-of-tiki-restaurants-and-cocktail-lounges.pdf (397.48 KB)

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