Mock Conference Panel

Please join us for a practice presentation as we prepare for the Cultural Studies Association Conference in Riverside, CA (May 21-25th).  We invite feedback to help strengthen our presentations.

Cheese, crackers, fruit and wine will be available.

The presentations are as follows:

Beasts of the Southern Wild and the Influence of Third Cinema: Critiquing Hegemony and Empowering the Margins
Hillary Kirkham

User-Generated Porn in the Public Sphere
Joshua Redwine

Challenging the Life/Art Dichotomy: Aesthetic Expression, Engaged Pedagogy and Social Change
Tamara Ramirez

A Role for Critical Pedagogy in Cultural Studies?  Organic Intellectuals & Critical Consciousness
Sung Ohm

Panel: Power and Its Representation in Media, Literature and Politics
Chair: Xue Li

Media Strategies on the Ebola Hype
Xue Li

Hegemony, Power, and the Panopticon
Orvic Pada

Style and History
Alyssa Krueger

“Je suis Charlie”: The Media, Representation, and Social Change
Julianna Kirschner

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