Deadline | Transdisciplinary Dissertation Awards

Transdisciplinary Dissertation Award

Due: Friday, April 7 @ 12PM

The Transdisciplinary Studies Program invites doctoral candidates who are advanced to candidacy and are within 18 months of expected graduation. These awards recognize students who are using transdisciplinary methods in their research in innovative, creative, and compelling ways.

Note: Students may apply for both the CGU Dissertation Award and the Transdisciplinary Dissertation Award, but may receive only one award. Criteria specific to transdisciplinary research will be applied to the assessment of applicants for the T-award.

Please view the 2017 2018 transdisciplinary dissertation forms2017-2018-transdisciplinary-dissertation-forms.pdf (136.83 KB)for eligibility requirements, application and more information.

Questions? Contact Andrew Vosko.