PFF | Saturday Intensive M1 & M2

M1. Introduction to PFF: Reaching 100% of Your Students

This workshop begins your journey through the PFF program and provides an overview of how the different areas of teaching and learning fit together. We will explore and define teaching excellence and the capacities of a good teacher. We will examine how and why we are accountable in our preparing students for their futures. Through this process, we frame teaching as an ethical responsibility we share to ensure inclusive and equitable learning opportunities for our students.

M2. Teaching Philosophy and Reflective Practice

This workshop begins a reflective process for becoming aware of and understanding our assumptions, values, and beliefs about teaching and learning. The workshop introduces you to a Reflections Journal and prepares you to work strategically in the Mandatory and Elective workshops to explore and shape the ideas and perspectives you need to craft your teaching philosophy statement and design a course syllabus. Please visit the PFF website for more information and to RSVP.



McManus 35