PFF | Saturday Intensive M3 & M4

M3. Changing Contexts in Higher Education

The world is changing radically. The world our students come from is nothing like the world we experienced as students ourselves. Their futures are likely to be even stranger. Are we ready as college educators to prepare these students to succeed in their emerging futures? This workshop introduces you to the global paradigm shift toward a knowledge and creative economy - a technologically mediated, information-rich world marked by rapid and constant change. We will explore the implications of this for us as teachers in college classrooms.

M4. Understanding Learning and Motivation

Learning is a cognitive, affective, and physical process; we are neurologically equipped to learn if we are engaged and motivated. As educators, understanding how and why students are motivated to learn can help us design more effective teaching and learning tools and processes. This workshop introduces you to useful learning and motivation theories. From this we derive fundamental pedagogical principles we can use to design and facilitate learning.


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