Association of Women's Studies in Religion (AWSR) Meeting

This gathering is a chance to reconnect and to brainstorm for future events and the management of AWSR.


The AWSR (Association of Women's Studies in Religion) was created by CGU and CST students as one of CGU Student Organizations in the Fall semester of 2015.

The Purpose of AWSR: Association of Women’s Studies in Religion (AWSR) functions as a network for scholars involved in the women’s studies religion program at Claremont Graduate University. Association of Women’s Studies in Religion is dedicated to furthering research, academic resources, intellectual conversation, and professional opportunities among members. For this, Association of Women’s Studies in Religion is committed to the followings: 1) Respect and honor the diversity of women's experience and backgrounds, 2) Discuss contemporary issues that affect women both domestically and globally, 3) Increase our awareness of religious, social, and political interpretations of women’s experiences, and 4) Safe and harmonious space where our interpretations can be shared and discussed, 5) A space where we recall the dominant memories of our ancestors, and uncover repressed ones (xiv, Sexism and God-Talk, 1993).

Multicultural House, 1257 N. Dartmouth Ave.