Early Modern Studies Party

If you are already in the Early Modern Studies concentration, or just have an interest (no matter how faint) in such cultural essentials as:

The Globe Theatre
The Faerie Queene
The Protestant Reformation
Wolf Hall
The Tudors
The Stuarts
That skinny guy who plays Henry VIII in "The Tudors" on Showtime
Charles I’s head
Oliver Cromwell’s warts
Free food and drink

…please come to a welcome (back) and informational reception and information session from 4-6 PM in the IAC Library on 17 September 2015.

Hope to see you all there!  We will discuss the Newberry Consortium and its travel opportunities in 2015-16, and brainstorm about possible speakers and/or events and/or collaborations for EMS this year.  

There will also be Real Elizabethan Roasted Swan Snax™ and a genuine Jacobean Bouncy Castle.*

Lori Anne Ferrell (director, program in Early Modern Studies)
Jackie Swaidan (program assistant, Early Modern Studies)

*no there won’t, actually, but there will be potable drinks, edible food, and a chance to converse with the Usual Suspects.


  • jacqueline.swaidan@cgu.edu

IAC Library