Fight Like a Girl: Women's Self-Defense Seminar

This popular self-defense seminar offers a comprehensive course covering practical and effective techniques geared towards women. The workshop teaches women how to mentally assess and evaluate various situations that may be risky or dangerous. Women will also learn how to avoid becoming a victim through self-defense martial arts techniques like throwing, grappling, striking, and escapes moves. "Women will be empowered with the tools and know-how to improve their awareness in order to avoid threatening situations," Instructor Tony Farah said. Farah, a third degree black belt in Judo, and his daughter, Ashton Farah, a second degree black belt in Judo, have been studying Judo for more than 13 years and are certified Judo coaches.  For more information:


CGU Housing Community Room, 1455 N. College Ave. Claremont